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Hosted by Lena Conatser and Ian Allred, Recovering Gleek is a podcast for all of your **complicated** feeling about the TV show Glee, yes Glee.

Lena and Ian are dedicated to rewatching every episode, recapping and breaking it down from their adult perspectives. Find Recovering Gleek wherever you get your podcasts!

Since its launch in August 2020 (a pandemic passion project), Recovering Gleek is now in the top 0.5% of podcasts globally, has surpassed 43K followers on Tiktok, more than 500 five-star reviews on Apple Podcasts, peaked at number 1 on the TV Review Podcasts Charts, and number 19 on the overall Spotify Podcast Charts, and has accumulated more than a million streams.

Recovering Gleek: Bio
Recovering Gleek: Instagram
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